Just a kid from Scranton . . . (before you say it, I know, The Office)


My Deal

Grew up in Scranton, went to college in Pittsburgh, living and working in NYC. I'm currently a Senior Product Designer for WeWork and loving every minute of it. I do freelance, yes, so if you have a project in mind I'm open to hearing about it ;)

Design has always been a passion of mine ever since I knew I could do it for a living. Solving real problems that affect real people is empowering, and it's crazy to think I get paid to work with other creative and intelligent people to make the world a better place. When I'm not solving problems, I might be out on a brisk walk, illustrating some maps, or most likely working on my life passion of writing stories. 

- But wait, Matt, if you love to write so much, why don't you just do that? -

Well, that's quite a question. If you want to know that much about me, then let's get to know each other over a drink.





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