Pride of We

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"I believe that no one should ever have to choose between a career we love and living our lives with authenticity and integrity"

Selisse Berry

Logo was a joint effort with    Shelby Hutchison

Logo was a joint effort with Shelby Hutchison


Pride of we

When a group of driven LGBTQ+ employees got together to create the first group of its kind at WeWork, I had to be a part of it. The first project was defining the brand and logo of the group. It needed to express the fun and energy we had, while still staying on brand. In addition to the logo, we created smaller hearts for when the logo needed to be small. They also represent other groups within the community. People of color and Transgender identities.


Bring on the swag!

It went without saying, we needed a t-shirt. So I worked on a symbol that wouldn’t scream any message in anyone’s face, but instead make something that anyone could wear. Something to bring people together. Within days of handing them out, they appeared everywhere in the office, worn by everyone from the founders to the cleaning staff.


Pride NYC & Beyond

The group was created in the winter of 2017/2018. After we created the brand and our first shirt, Pride month was soon upon us. I volunteered to lead designer efforts on the float, and gathered a small team to help plan out what we’ll do, and what our theme would be.

We decided out theme should be ‘Defiantly Different’. Most people at Pride go crazy with the color (And good for them!). We wanted to take the cleanliness of WeWork and make color stand out and speak intentionally. So we chose to use white and silver as our main color, while accents of color would pop and speak louder. This would also help us stand out compared to other floats.

Along with the float, I made tattoos and stickers. We picked out colorful accessories while printing last years pride shirt on white to unify everyone. These designs were used across the world in other parades, from Rio to LA, Tel Aviv to London.

Pride float Copy@2x.jpg
Pride float Copy 4@2x.jpg
Pride tats@2x.jpg
Pride float Copy 2@2x.jpg


WeWork’s annual Summercamp to London was the perfect moment to introduce our mission to the rest of the company. And that included stickers and tattoos.

Summercamp sticker.png
Summercamp coat of arms sticker.png
ice cream tats.png

National Coming out day

October came, and so did National Coming Out Day. We threw an event for this moment, and I created a sticker for the event.


Transgender Awareness day

The last sticker I worked on was for Transgender Awareness Day. The sticker is supposed to represent perception. You should be perceived how you identify, and this sticker with its illusionary properties demonstrates that.

International Transgender Day of Visibility@3x.png